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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tamil Rasi Palan Horoscope 2015 New Year

Tamil Rasi Palan 2015

This is Tamil rasi palan horoscope 2015 new year for all the 12 rasi starting from mesham to meenam.

Mesha rasi palan horoscope 2015 Aries
They year 2015 is going to prove good for people of this rasi. Jupiter is in favourable house. You can get a big promotion or the best opportunity in your career. Your dream of own house and vehicle can come true this year. Foreign trip is predicted. Bachelors can dream about marriage in 2015. Those who are in love can get green signal from families. This year is very good for students as well as sportsman. Some minor health problems will occur during second half of the year.

Rishaba rasi  palan 2015 horoscope Taurus
Jupiter is in favourable house of Taurus rasi also. You can achieve great success in business or job. Your work will get appreciation from others. New job opportunity can change your life style completely. You can enjoy a very high financial status this year. Expenditure side can go out of control so better to plan about your expenses now itself. Love life will not be so smooth. Family life will also remain stressful. Some small disputes can create misunderstandings. Year is cheerful for students. Artists can gain appreciation.

Mithuna rasi palan 2015 horoscope Gemini: 
Enjoy the best period of your life in year 2015. Career and job will be better than your expectation. Your hard work can increase your social status. You can achieve a best support from your friends and family. Health will be problem free and you can focus on your career easily. Business tours can prove beneficial. Bachelors will get best alliances in the first half of the year. Children will give you some good news.

Kataka rasi palan horoscope 2015 Cancer:
This year is very good for bachelors. They can dream about a perfect life partner for them to meet during this year. Career and business will be smooth. Money flow will remain moderate. The second half of the year will be problematic for health. Better to postpone investment plans till next year.

Simha rasi palan  horoscope 2015 Leo
Though the year will not prove very beneficial for you, you need to retain your self confidence throughout the year. Planets predict hard work for you. Your mind will remain disturbed due to extreme stress and work load and you need to start meditation. Money flow will be lesser than the expenditure. Some misunderstandings can lead to big family disputes.

Kanni  rasi palan horoscope 2015 Virgo: 
The year is going to show you some mixed results. The first few months of the year will prove beneficial for you. Family support will be useful in business matters. Some health problems can disturb you routine. You can get some good news from children. Second half of the month will be financially stable but stressful. New business opportunities can prove beneficial. Avoid long journeys.

Thula rasi palan horoscope 2015 Libra: 
Career and business will be fine this year but the period is not good for your health. Chances of marriage are high for bachelors. Family life will be good and positive. Avoid some minor disputes. Avoid investment in any big project in year 2015. Those who are in jobs can expect high promotion during second half of the year. Business meetings will be successful. New contacts can prove very beneficial.

Viruchigam rasi palan horoscope 2015 Scorpio 
The year 2015 is going to bring some problems in your life. Family disputes can disturb your mind negatively. Due to Saturn position some health problems can occur. There will not be any change in social or financial position. Money stream will be good. But you need to balance between income and expenditure. Year is better for students. Those who are in field of arts or music can enjoy success.

Dhanusu rasi  palan horoscope 2015 Sagittarius 
The year is not good for you. Financially this year will be troublesome. Reduce your expenditure and focus upon saving money. You need a proper balance of mind and hard work to face the situation. After July you may mark some changes in the situation. Friends and family will be supportive. Hospitalization is predicted due to health problems.

Makara rasi  rasi palan horoscope 2015 Capricorn
Enjoy best period of your life till July 2015. It is the period when you can taste the fruit of success. Career will be at its best. Financial position will be on the top. Those who are waiting for marriage bells can hope for best life partner. But during second half the Jupiter is changing its house and this can lead many adverse effects on your rashi. Chances of deception are high. Avoid investment with unknown people.

Kumba rasi palan horoscope 2014 Aquarius: 
The planet condition tells you to balance between relationships. This year you are going to face many family problems. Health side will be good and fit. Career will be stressful and full of responsibilities. Do not let your work load disturb your personal life. Financial position will be stable. Business tours are predicted.

Meena rasi rasi palan horoscope 2015 Pisces

It is a very cheerful time for you and your family. There can be a big family celebration in first two months of year. The year is not favorable for health. Hospitalization is predicted. Career field will be beneficial and you can get new opportunities during second half of the year. New responsibilities will direct you towards success.

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