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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tamil Horoscope by Date of Birth 2015 Rasi palan

Tamil Horoscope by Date of Birth 2015 Rasi palan
This is Tamil horoscope by date of birth 2015 rasi palan. Tamil date of birth numerology is calculated by taking the birth date and time.

Aries Mesha rasi : (March 21 – April 19 date of birth rasi palan)
 This is a fire sign and the people born under this sign are considered to be exploratory, active and extrovert. They like to be independent and make friends. Aries people are always found in social groups. They are full of energy and prove to be a romantic partner. Arians like to travel and enjoy their freedom a lot.

Taurus Rishabam: (April 20- May 20 date of birth rasi palan)
The Taurus people are very calm and cool by nature. Being the Earth element, the people under this sign are social people. Always it is seen that Taurus people are emotional and full of feelings. They prove to be sensitive lovers. Generally it is seen that Taurus are nature lovers and they love pets.

Gemini Mithunam:  (May 21- June 20 date of birth rasi palan)
It’s a sign with Air element. The people under this sign are intellectual and are interested to achieve more and more knowledge. They are proved to be talented writers and thinkers. These are introvert people and like to live a very personal life. This is a hard working sign and takes too many efforts to prove their talent.

Cancer Katakam: (June 21 – July 22 date of birth rasi palan)
This sign is controlled by moon. You can find lots of contradictions in the personality of cancer people. They are loving and caring and much attached to family and friends. Basically they are emotional and very honest with the relationships. They always prove as sentimental lovers. People under this rasi are good learners.

Leo Katakam: (July 23 – August 22 date of birth rasi palan)
This is a fire element rashi. Love is the main characteristic of Leo people. They are most attractive and with positive thinking. Leo people are great fighters and can overcome any difficult situation. Born with adventurous nature, Leo people are very social by nature.

Virgo Kanni rasi: (August 23 – September 22 date of birth rasi palan)
Virgo people are considered as selfish and introvert. But the fact is they are bit shy by nature and like to be alone. They work hard to gain success. They are most creative people and they are the art lovers. Honest and kind hearted Virgo people are always proved as a good lover or life partners.

Libra Thula rasi: (September 23 - October 22)
Libra rashi people live very easy life. They love to live comfortable life without any troubles. They can well balance between mind and heart. Libra people always prove to be successful businessmen. They like to maintain peace and love in their social circle. Libra people are found to be popular among friend circle. With the positive nature, Libra people are good decision makers.

Scorpio Viruchigam: (October 23 – November 21 date of birth rasi palan)
This is the most powerful sign among all 12 rashis. The people under this rasi are intellectual and very cunning by nature. They are very intelligent and have extra ordinary sensitive nature. They have very strong will power and their social network is very strong. Scorpio people can be very good politicians.

Sagittarius Dhanusu rasi: (November 22 – December 21 date of birth rasi palan)
This rashi is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius people are adventurous, sensitive and nature lovers. They are religious by nature and most honest about relationships. They are full of new ideas and enthusiasm. These people are mostly found in media or travel related work. Their extrovert nature makes them fit for working in service industry.

Capricorn Makara rasi: (December 22 – January 19 date of birth rasi palan)
The people under this rashi are silent by nature. They are hard workers and lead the life by their own wish. Though they wish they cannot continue with long term relationship. They are practical and ambitious by nature. Capricorn always wish to gain authority over everyone.

Aquarius Kumba rasi: (January 20 – February 18 date of birth rasi palan)
Intellectual and wise rashi, Aquarius people are bit unconventional by nature. They like to explore new things. They prove to be a very good friend and are always ready to help them. These people are very difficult to understand and they too avoid mixing with social circle. Generally it is seen that Aquarius people wish to be true and original.

Pisces meenam: (February 19 – March 20 date of birth rasi palan)
The people under this rashi are found to be mysterious but very talented. The number 2 is the lucky number for Pisces. They like to fantasize about big things. They are very good lovers and romantic life partners also. They are most sensitive and love to be with friends.

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