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Monday, January 5, 2015

Rishaba rasi palan 2015 in Tamil horoscope astrology

This is rishaba rasi palan 2015 in Tamil horoscope astrology. The year 2015 is going to give positive results for your rasi. The support of major planets like Rahu-Ketu and Guru will prove very beneficial for you. The placement of Guru in 3rd house is very good for you but after the transit of Guru in the month of July will prove bit troublesome for your rashi. The guru transit 2015 is going to affect on your job and career sides. What you need to do is, control your expenses. Do not invest money in any new ventures. Saving money will be best policy this time. But the position of Rahu and Ketu is very supportive and this will support you to reduce your problems. The support of these problems will bring you out of the difficult situation and show you the way towards success. Your efforts and hard work will be appreciated.

Career Rishabam 2015 predictions
Work responsibilities will increase and you may have to face some troubles in your job or business. Try to avoid the small disputes at work place. Financial flow will be lesser than the expenditure. You need to give your lots of efforts to achieve your goal.

Rishaba rasi 2015  predictions for your Business
Those who are indulged in business should be alert during this year. If you have any new business plan in your mind then better to postponed it till next year. The year is not good for any new venture. Take advice of elders in the family before taking any decision.

Students of Rishabh Rasi
The year is going to prove good for students. Their academic performance will be satisfactory. Students need to give efforts to achieve success but in the end the success will be in your hand. Be alert about friends.

Family life of Rishaba Rasi
Rishaba rasi 2015 in Tamil panchangam astrology predict that this year is neutral. Due to over stress in job and financial crises there are chances of family disputes are predicted during the year 2015. You need to be compromising with your family members. Children will give you good news. Take care of health of the family members.

Financial status of Rishaba rasi in 2015
Though income flow will not reduce, the increased expenditure will give you some troubles. Try to save money during the first half of the year. Avoid unnecessary expenditures in family. Avoid investing your money in any scheme during the year.

Pariharam for Rishaba rasi 2015

The lucky gemstone for Rishaba rasi is Emrald which can help you to get relief in difficult situations.  Use white and Emrald green colour cloths as they are your lucky colours. Worship lord Sani and Lord Hanuman every Saturday to come out of problems and worries.

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