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Monday, May 11, 2015

Sani peyarchi 2015 to 2016 in Tamil panchangam predictions

Sani peyarchi 2015 to 2016 
This is Sani peyarchi 2015 to 2016 in Tamil panchangam predictions astrology In the year 2014 Saturn transited from Libra sign to Scorpio sign, this major transit had shown many good and bad effects on every rashi. Now let us get some knowledge about the effects of Saturn transit on all 12 rashs

Mesha rasi sani peyarchi 2015  
The Saturn is going to move in the eighth house of your rashi so year will show you some problems. But you will get success in the end. Keep trust on your hard work and you will be rewarded for it. Your seniors will appreciate your work and your social status can increase. There are chances of sudden gain of property. Long business tours are predicted. Some health problems are expected. Take care of your expenditure. Avoid borrowing money from anyone during the year 2015.

Rishaba rasi sani peyarchi 2015 in Tamil 
Saturn is going to move in the seventh house of your rashi. The transit is going to prove beneficial for you. Financial status will increase but try to control your expenditure. Chances of changing house are high during the year. There are chances to get some troubles while completing some important works. Be careful while investing money in new venture.

Mithuna rasi sani peyarchi 2015 in tamil 
Saturn is in your sixth house and it will show you lot of profit in your business and career. The people who are related to technological field can earn a big success during the year. Family support will be useful in career and business. You may face some health problems during second half of the year. Your plans of building new house will get fulfilled this year.

Kataka rasi  sani peyarchi 2015 in tamil
The Saturn will move in your fifth house. This transit is supposed to be very fortunate. Avoid investing money in new business plans, as there are chances to get cheated. Though you are going to earn a huge profit in this year, your expenses will also increase accordingly, this can disturb your budget. Business tours will be successful.

Simha rasi sani peyarchi 2014 to 2017  
The Saturn is moving in fourth house of your rashi, this will show you mixed results. Avoid taking risks in business as you may have to face a big failure. Elder family members of your family may face some serious health problems. Relocating due to job change is predicted. Family tours for religious matters are forecasted.

Kanni rasi sani peyarchi 2015
Saturn is transiting in the third house of virgo rashi. This transit is considered to be very good but it will leave some adverse effects too. Children will give you good news. Some religious celebrations in home will give you peace of mind. This is the year which can show a great success in your business. Be alert while investing money.

Thula rasi sani peyarchi 2015 in tamil
The Saturn transit in second house of your rashi warns you to keep control on your words. The year is not very good for young people. You have to do lots of struggle to get success. Family and friends will not be supportive. Your hard work and dedication can bring you out of the problems. Avoid long journeys during the year.

Sani peyarchi 2015 for viruchigam
The Saturn is moving in first house of your rasi, it will give you too many health problems. Work stress will be high and you need to take care of your health as well. Be alert about the people who can spoil your social status. Some financial loss is predicted, so you need to take care before investing or spending money. Partnership business will be successful.

Dhanusu rasi sani peyarchi 2015
The Saturn movement in the twelfth house of your rasi will bring lots of changes in your life. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Keep your mind in control while you are job. Try to stay away from selfish rivals. Instead of trying to earn money by selfish ways, try to happy with what you have. Keep watch on your decisions taken about your future career.

Makara rasi sani peyarchi 2015
The movement of Saturn in 11th house of your rasi is supportive for you for new things and plans. Children will give you some troubles which can lead to tensions. Financial side will be good but some major expenditure is predicted. Try to save and invest maximum amount. Some health problems are foreseen but overall the year will show you unexpected profits.

Kumba rasi sani peyarchi 2015
The Saturn transit in the tenth house of your rasi will bring progress in career and business. Social reputation will increase. Those who are in politics, the year is very good for them. Those who are in jobs can wait for a good promotion during the year. The year is very good for students and sports people.

Meena rasi sani peyarchi 2015
The Saturn transit in 9th house of your rashi will show intellectual improvement. The transit is very good for financial matters. The time is very good for business people. If you are planning to invest in property or business, then this is the best time for these things. Friends will be supportive. Take care of your health. Legal matters will get completed successfully.

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