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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kataka rasi and simha rashi characteristics in Tamil horoscope astrology

This is Kataka rasi and simha rashi characteristics in Tamil horoscope astrology.

Kataka rasi characteristics in tamil:
Punarpoosam, Poosam, Ayilyam nakshatra.  This rashi is based on water element and moon is the ruler of this rashi. Monday is fortunate day for this rashi. The people of this rashi are attached to the family. 

They are supposed to be very emotional and honest people. Their over sensitive behavior makes is difficult for other people to deal with them. Cancer people need to work hard to fulfill their works. Their truthfulness makes them famous in social group.

Simha rashi characteristics in Tamil

Magha , Pooram , Uttaram nakshatra. Sun is the ruler of this rashi and it is based on fire element. Being sun is the ruler, Sunday is lucky day for this rashi people. The people under this rashi are loved by others. Their fun loving and happy-go-lucky nature makes them popular among others.

 But these people are over possessive about almost everything. Many times they are found to be dominating by nature. Their dominating nature makes them a perfect leader. Leo people are proved to be very good friends and partners. 

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