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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kanni rasi palan 2016 in Tamil horoscope astrology

This is Kanni rasi palan 2016 in Tamil horoscope astrology. People of Virgo sign are serious and introvert by nature. Last two years are not very good for you and you are going to face some challenges during this year also. The first half of the year will give you some tensions but after the month of June the days will change definitely. Here is the predictions of kanni rasi 2016 palangal

Kanni rasi career 2016 horoscope
Though the year is difficult for you, you may turn your attention towards your previous skills or previous job. The career side will not remain very strong and you have to be ready for failure. If you are planning for new business plans then you need to wait till next year. During the end of the year, your work will be appreciated and you can enjoy the fruit of success. You need to work very hard and give all your efforts to be in the race.

Kanni rasi horoscope 2016 Finance
Financial side is not very good in the year 2016. You may have to face some loses during the middle of the year. Chances of losing job or loss in business are predicted. Keep your mind calm and give your efforts in your duty. Try to save maximum money as it is necessary during the year 2016. Avoid unwanted expenses and try to balance between income and expenditure.

Kanni rasi love life 2016 astrology
Stress and tension will disturb your love life too. You need to be with positive attitude if you want to continue with the relationship. Change in relationship is predicted strongly during this year. Those who are married can try for baby during the first half of the year. Bachelors are advised to stay away for sexual relationship with partner.

Kanni rasi astrology family horoscope 2016:
Family life will be bit stressful because of financial problems. But try to spend more time with family to encourage them. You may feel to be alone during this tough time but family support will be your strength to fight against the tough situation.

Kanni rasi health 2016 horoscope

Though all other aspects are tough in the year 2016, your health will remain very good this year. Don’t allow your mental tensions affect your physical health. Yoga and meditation can prove useful for mental relaxation.Overall the year 2016 is going to be tough for you. But your inner strength will be at higher side in this situation. Family bonding will be more during this harsh time.

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