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Saturday, March 12, 2016

April 2016 Rasi palan Tamil chithirai puthandu matha 2016 horoscope

This is April 2016 Rasi palan Tamil chithirai puthandu 2016 given in Tamil panchangam calendar monthly horoscope 2016 astrology.
April matha rasi palan Tamil

Mesha rasi palan March 2016 Aries:
Do not feed your attitude during this month. You have to adjust with the situation. Keep your mind flexible to face any circumstances.  Those who are in job will have to handle a burden of responsibilities. A sudden growth in expenditure is predicted. Support of Jupiter will be beneficial.

Rishaba rasi palan March 2016 Taurus:
The planet condition is not much favorable. It is not easy to get success in any task. The second half of the month will be stressful in family level. Try to avoid small misunderstandings. Some religious activities will take place in home during this month. During the second half of the month you may face some financial crisis.

Mithuna rasi palan March 2016 Gemini:
The month is going to be fabulous for you. Your status will be higher during the first half of the month. You will get a chance to meet and greet some famous personalities. The ladies of this rashi will be able to prove their talent during this month. Be ready to enjoy a high financial status during this month.

Kataka rasi palan March 2016 Cancer:
Sometimes more than strength you need to use your wisdom to get success. The support of Jupiter will give you strength in any problem. You have to face some financial problems during second half of the month but overall the month will give you positive results.

Shima rasi palan 2016 March Leo:
It is advisable to listen to the opinions of others and take the decision accordingly. This month you have to be alert as there is a possibility of getting pressurized by the rivals in your job and career field. Take proper care of your health.

Kanni  rasi palan march 2016 Virgo:
The work load will be more for Virgo people. Don’t neglect your health during this month. You will be able to defeat your competitor with your hard work and dedication. Family life will be bit stressful. Try to keep a balance between income and expenditure.

Thula rasi palan March 2016 Libra:
You have to work according to the perfect schedule to gain success. Seniors will be happy with your work if you complete them in time. Keep control on the words as they can hurt the most. Don’t trust the unknown person quickly.

Viruchigam rasi palan march 2016 Scorpio:
Don’t keep more expectation from friends and relatives. Take your decisions with lots of patience and calmness. Small health problems will occur during the first half of the month. You can see some financial improvement during second half. Family life will be stressful.

Dhanusu rasi palan March 2016 Sagittarius:
It is the time to be alert in every matter. You will get good news from family members. Take advise of experts about your career or business growth. You can achieve a big success in job and career. Ladies will find it difficult to balance between income and expenditure.
Makara rasi palan March 2016 Capricorn:
Your success in job and career will make you feel more confident. Your hard work will get appreciation from others. It is the perfect time to fulfill your long pending dreams. Financial status will be high and family life will be more supportive. Business tours will be successful.

Kumba rasi palan March 2016 Aquarius:
The man is known by the company he keeps, remember these words and be alert while selecting your friends and partners. You will be able to impress your seniors with your hard work and intelligence. Your work will be appreciated. Some imbalance may occur in financial matters.

Meena rasi palan March 2016 Pisces:
Keep a keen watch on your diet as this month is not good for your health issues. Take proper care of old health problems. Be alert in financial matters. You have to face a great competition at your work place but suitable planet condition will take you to the way of success. Avoid family disputes.

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