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Sunday, June 19, 2016

July 2016 Horoscope aani matha rasi palan

This is July  2016 Horoscope Tamil aani matha rasi palan.    

Mesha rasi palan July 2016 Aries:

The planet condition is not favorable and you need to take lots of efforts to achieve success. The month is going to be bit difficult for your rashi. But the support of Jupiter planet will be beneficial for you. The second half of the month will be bit relaxing. Stay away from legal matters.

Rishaba rasi palan July 2016 Taurus:
Be ready to take atrocious experience from your friends or relatives. You need to be firm on your opinions and thoughts. The month is good for students. Career will be good during this month. Financial status will be moderate.

Mithuna rasi palan July 2016 Gemini:
The month is going to be very beneficial for your rashi. The planet condition is very beneficial for you. You can enjoy a high social status during the month. Stay awayfrom competitions during second half of the month. Expenditure will be more than income.

Kataka rasi palan July 2016Cancer:
The month is very good for your career growth. Old friends and close relatives will be helpful in your success. Those who are indulged in business can achieve grand success. New responsibilities will make your schedule very busy. Take care of your health
Simha rasi palan July 2016 Leo:
You may have to face some financial problems during the month of July 2016. The second half of the month will bring positive results for your rashi. The people who are in sports or arts fields can achieve desired success. Social status will be very high.
Kanni rasi palan July 2016 Virgo:
Your efforts and skills will help you to achieve desired success. New business plans will be successful. Financial status will improve a lot. But avoid extra expenditure for unnecessary things. Be alert from your rivals during the second half of the month. Be alert with new contacts.
Thula  rasi palan July 2016 Libra:
You are going to face some family problems during the month of July 2016. You may have to take some firm decisions even without your wish. Don’t think about investing money in property or estate during this month. Be alert during journeys. Take care of your health.
Viruchiga rasi palan July 2016 Scorpio:
The month is going to show mixed results during this month. Just remember that you cannot satisfy everyone at the same time. Financial flow will be very good during second half of the month. But you need to balance between income and expenditure.
Dhanus rasi palan July 2016 Sagittarius:
The expenditure will be excessive during this month but you will get satisfaction for spending money. Take advice of experts while taking any important decision. Family life will be supportive. The business tours are predicted during second half of the month.
Makara rasi palan July 2016  Capricorn:
Your success will improve your social as well as financial status. Your rivals will stay away from you. You will spend money for some extra luxuries in this month. The month is very good for bachelors. Children will give you good news and family life will be cheerful.
Kumbha rasi palan July 2016 Aquarius:
Career graph is going to improve during the month of July 2016. Those who do job can get high promotions during the month. Chances of job change are also predicted. Family life will be bit stressful. The time is very good for investment. Business tours are predicted.
Meena rasi palan July 2016 Pisces:
The month is not going to be much beneficial for you. You have to face many problems in this month. What you need to do is, be patient and try to come out of the situation. Small family disputes can turn into big misunderstandings. During the second half, unemployed people can get better job opportunity.

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