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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tamil rasi palan August 2016 Tamil Aadi masam horoscope astrology

This is Tamil rasi palan August 2016 Tamil Aadi masam horoscope astrology.

Mesha rasi palan August 2016  Aries:

The month of August is not very successful for the people of this rashi. Try to keep away from misunderstandings at your career place as it can create unnecessary problems. You have to think twice before you blame anyone. Supportive planet condition in this month will help you to come out of situation. Financial status will be steady. Take care of your health.

Rishaba rasi palan August 2016 Taurus:
Be attentive about financial matters and financial documents. Jupiter planet is supportive for you during this month. You may have to waste lot of time on legal matters. Try to avoid needless spending. Try to keep good rapport with your family and friends. Chances of long voyage are high.

Mithuna rasi palan August 2016 Gemini:
You are going to enjoy the high social status during this month. Family functions and celebrations will enhance your energy level. Good news will be waiting for you this month. Money flow will be reasonable and you will remain healthy throughout the month. Overall this month will bring you joy and cheerfulness.

Kataka rasi palan August 2016 Cancer: 
You will enjoy high level of self-assurance in this month. Long enduring plans will be successful during this month. Sudden wealth or land gain is predicted in the first half of the month. In the month of August 2016 you can enjoy health, wealth and a high social status. Spend some time with your family.

Simha rasi palan August 2016 Leo:
Your efforts and hard work will offer lots of prospects for you in this month. The second half is very favorable for you. Family problems will be resolved and you can obtain good news about your children. The home and office environment will be positive.

Kanni rasi palan August 2016 Virgo:
Try to give admiration and proper value for the estimations of the friends and colleagues. Try to stay away from misunderstanding in family matters. You may feel troubles to keep the pledges which can lead to confusions. Be alert while spending money.

Thula  rasi palan August 2016 Libra:
The planet placement shows that you have to work very hard to achieve success. Keep confidentiality in monetary matters. This month will be hard in financial matters but your efforts will help you to conquer the situation. You may meet your old friends which can bring merriment in your life.

Viruchiga rasi palan August 2016 Scorpio:
Planet position is helpful and your efforts will lead you towards the path of success in this month. Financial status will be high and you will enjoy great social status too. Family tours will make your mind relax and cheerful. Overall this month is very beneficial for the people of this rashi.

Dhanus rasi palan August 2016 Sagittarius:
Don’t believe anyone blindly as there is every chance of getting betrayed this month. Very small issues can grow big and lead to problematic situation. Planet Jupiter is the ruler of this rashi which will show very optimistic and encouraging results. You may plan of business tours.

Makara rasi palan August 2016 Capricorn:
This month will be full of family pleasure. Take advice of elders while investing money in new business project. Some people of this rashi can face health problems during this month. Long enduring property issues will get solved by the end of this month.

Kumbha rasi palan August 2016Aquarius:
The situation in this month is encouraging. Try to complete your important responsibilities during second half of this month. Family will be supportive in all matters. You may get good news from family members. Be faultless in completing your responsibility.

Meena rasi palan August 2016 Pisces:
It is not easy to accomplish the victory but nothing is impossible when you decide to do it. Money status will be satisfactory but chances of disputes in family are predicted. Second half of the month will be much relaxing.


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